Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

Sport & Exercise


The Sport and Exercise SIG is a multidisciplinary association of academic and health care professionals with demonstrated interest and expertise in the field of eating disorders and the interface with sport, exercise, and overall physical activity.


  • Danielle Chapa
  • Madeline Palermo

Our Goals

  • Promotion of effective treatment and care of athletes with eating disorders
  • Provide an environment to support the exchange of information among SIG members and other professionals involved in the treatment and care of athletes with eating disorders
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange of information regarding issues related to exercise, physical activity, and sport in the context of eating disorders onset, maintenance, and recovery. For example, supporting discussion on strategies for helping patients with eating disorders achieve healthy exercise
  • Arrangement of forums (i.e., programs, workshops, panel presentations, conferences, etc.) to promote information exchange, as described above
  • Development and dissemination of educational materials regarding the identification, treatment, and prevention of eating disorders among athletes; these materials are relevant for health care professionals, sport personnel, athletes, parents, and the general public.
  • Encouragement of, and support for, quality research in the area of athletes and eating disorders


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