Resources for Experts by Experience

Welcome to the Experts by Experience page of AED’s website. Here we highlight many of the benefits of ExE membership and make it easy for you to access information that can be useful to you.

Membership Benefits

AED produces a number of eating disorders-focused publications in many languages, such as our Medical Care Standards Guide and the Nine Truths about Eating Disorders.

Special Interest Groups
AED's Special Interest Groups allow individuals with shared interests to discuss and collaborate on specific issues within the eating disorder field. As a member, you can be a part of as many SIGs as desired.

Access our Virtual Library of Educational Webinars to learn about current practices and research within the Eating Disorder Community.

AED Community 
The Community offers networking, referral exchanges, and timely dissemination and discussion of relevant information. It is a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of the eating disorder field: ask colleagues for information and advice; give information of general interest to listserv participants, or reply in person to requests for help. 

AED offers the Expert by Experience Scholarship to assist ExE’s attendance to the annual ICED Conference.

International Conference on Eating Disorders (ICED) 
AED offers ExE pricing for the annual conference.  This is a good way to connect and meet other AED members with shared experiences.

International Journal for Eating Disorders  (IJED)
This is the official journal of the AED. Published by Wiley monthly online and bi-monthly in print. It is a great resource for research and academic writing.

Support Forums

The organizations listed below host online peer support forums for lived experience and loved ones. This is not intended to be a complete list. Support groups vary in their quality and focus and are not intended to replace professional treatment.


Access our Educational Webinars to learn about current practices and research within the Eating Disorder Community.


Contact the Experts by Experience Committee

The AED Experts by Experience Committee  is comprised of individual AED members whose lives have been directly impacted by eating disorders (EDs).  Committee members include individuals with a personal ED history as well as those who have experience as a parent, sibling, child, spouse or other person who cares for and/or about someone with an ED.

Our mission is to integrate lived experience with research and clinical practice to better meet the
needs of individuals directly impacted by eating disorders. Through collaboration with other professionals in the field we intend to build understanding, reduce stigma and discrimination, and promote inclusivity and diversity through our work. This collaboration will elevate the quality and relevance of research and clinical treatments available for those with EDs and are in keeping with AED’s stated mission, vision, and purpose.

Join AED

Those with lived experience are welcome to join the AED and are referred to by AED as Experts by Experience. Representatives of eating disorder advocacy organizations and individuals who want to be involved with eating disorder advocacy and education issues are particularly encouraged to join. Please keep in mind that the AED is a professional organization and membership benefits and content are primarily aimed at professionals in the eating disorder field. Learn more about AED Membership Benefits

AED Committees
You may join more than one committee. Members are encouraged to apply to join committees that interest them. It is a great way to meet other members and grow in your interests. View AED standing committees.

Attend the International Conference on Eating Disorders

AED offers both member and non-member pricing for their annual conference.  This is a good way to connect and meet other ED advocates, treatment professionals, and researchers. Learn more.

Mentorship Program
AED is committed to facilitating mentoring relationships for members at the annual ICED. AED pairs interested AED members with more seasoned AED members (based on interests) at a “meet and greet” social event, which provides an opportunity for members to receive short-term (and potentially lasting) mentorship from experienced AED leaders. Students are encouraged to sign up to become a mentee during the general ICED registration process.