Medical Pearls

Ever have a very specific medical question about a patient suffering from an eating disorder?  AED is excited to announce a new educational resource – a series of Medical Pearls – great short videos – 30-60 seconds each -- featuring some of the leading physicians in the AED community talking about very specific medical issues that arise around the treatment of patients with eating disorders.  

Kerri Heckert, RD on Weight Restoration

Kerri Heckert, RD on Red Flags

Kerri Heckert, RD on Goal Weights

Dr. Ellen Rome on Interrupted Menses

Dr. Sebastian Soneira on Neuropsychology (Spanish)

Dr. Sebastian Soneira on Depression (Spanish)

Dr. Lesley Williams on Polycystic Fibrosis Syndrome

Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani on Refeeding Syndrome

Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani on Edema in Eating Disorders

Dr. Nicole Cifra on Constipation from Under-Nourishment

Dr. Nicole Cifra on Skin and Hair Changes in Eating Disorders

Dr. Neale on Growth in Eating Disorders

More videos will be coming and will be announced through all AED communication channels. Everyone is invited to view and/or share each video.