World Eating Disorders Action Day:
perspectives on eating disorder recovery
(AED-PCAC activity 2024)

We asked PCAC members to record podcasts in their native language with clinicians,
researchers and/or patients on what they think is most helpful for recovery: 






Partners, Chapters & Affiliates

The goal of the Partners, Chapters and Affiliates organizations for the AED is to formally establish global collaborations with organizations involving eating disorder (ED) professionals, whose mission and goals parallel those of the AED (i.e., promoting the treatment, research and prevention of eating disorders). Within such collaborations, there will be explicit recognition of the existence of mutual missions and goals as well as the development of programs designed to encourage active collaborations among the partner organizations.

The AED has currently twenty-three AED Partner Organizations, six Affiliate Organizations and four Chapters.

AED Partners are non-profit organizations with predominantly professional membership with a focus on eating disorders, but not necessarily restricted to eating disorder professionals. Partner organzations are national rather than regional in character, have a mission and goals compatible with AED's, and do not originate with the AED. Partner organizations are not first and foremost dedicated to lobbying and/or providing support for individuals with eating disorders and/or their carers.

A chapter is a group of professional AED members who share a geographic area or common language, who organize themselves to pursue the aims of the central organization cooperatively. Chapters form through a merger of pre-existing not-for-profit professional organizations or groups in the encompassing geographic area or common language.

AED Affiliates are organizations located and operating in any area in the world who major raison d'être is not the research, education, treatment, or prevention of eating disorders per se, but whose objectives nevertheless include some of all these.

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Friends of AED

Friends of AED are organizations with a predominantly non-professional membership comprising persons with eating disorders, patient-carers, and other ED community advocates OR an organization dedicated to lobbying for advances in ED research, improved access to ED treatment and/or providing peer support for individuals with eating disorders and/or their carers.

Friends also:

  1. Have a stated mission and goals compatible with those of the AED (i.e. to generate knowledge and integrate collective expertise about eating disorders; to provide platforms for the promotion of understanding and sharing of knowledge in the field of eating disorders). Have legal status as a charitable organization OR have a well-defined organizational structure such as a Board of Directors, a Leadership Committee or other governing body. 
  2. Have in place by-laws or similar written governance policies outlining leadership roles and responsibilities, gift acceptance, and fiscal oversight. 
  3. Have been in existence for at least two years at the time of application. 
  4. Have the ability to communicate with their members, through bulk email, in a manner that satisfies opt-in/opt-out and anti-spam regulations. 
  5. Did not originate within the AED. 


National Institute of Eating Disorders (NIED) 

NIED was launched in 2012 in Toronto, Canada. We have become the voice for Canadian families, caregivers, and individuals who are suffering from Eating Disorders and other comorbid and concurrent diagnoses.

Eating Disorders kill sufferers, bankrupt families and destroy relationships. They deserve the same respect, support, treatment, funding, research and parity as every other physical and mental health illness in Canada.

NIED strives to create Awareness, Understanding, and Action through, among other initiatives, free educational symposia presented by expert and experienced clinicians, researchers, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, psychotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, dieticians, nutritionists, and alternative therapists.

NIED is the catalyst uniting stakeholders across the country to collaborate and work together to address the gaps in current services, delays in treatment, lack of pan-Canadian data, and insufficient training for clinicians and healthcare professionals. All of which have impeded resources, research, funding and available treatment options in Canada.

NIED has brought Eating Disorders to the attention of governments at both the provincial and federal levels. NIED strives to ensure that Eating Disorders are acknowledged and included in mental health discussions, policies, mental health organizations, programs, decisions, and campaigns.

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United States

The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness

The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing programs and activities aimed at outreach, education, early intervention, and advocacy for all eating disorders.

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Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment for Eating Disorders (F.E.A.S.T.)

 We are a global community of parents, and those who support parents. We know what it is to have a precious son or daughter develop an eating disorder. We have known the worry, the fear, the frustration. Many of us have seen our loved ones go from terribly unwell to robustly healthy. Some among us are supporting longtime sufferers who have not reached full recovery. And some of us have lost our beloved children to their illnesses, through permanent estrangement or death.

This community knows the hope and the tragedy of these dangerous brain disorders. We also know the heroic power of families: parents and siblings and sufferers and recovered people. We know the power of care giving, of loving support, of skilled clinicians, and of applying the emerging science to improve outcomes.

F.E.A.S.T. started back in 2007, formally, when we became a recognized nonprofit. Our volunteers and our board of directors formed originally from an online community of parents around the world connected by our common experience of loving and supporting sons and daughters who have suffered from eating disorders, and their siblings.

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National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD) 

The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Inc. (ANAD) is a non-profit (501 c 3) organization working in the areas of support, awareness, advocacy, referral, education, and prevention.

ANAD is the oldest organization aimed at fighting eating disorders in the United States. ANAD assists people struggling with eating disorders and also provides resources for families, schools and the eating disorder community.

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National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. NEDA supports individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care.

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United Kingdom


Beat is the UK’s eating disorder charity. We began life in 1989 as the first national charity for people with eating disorders because of a merger of two local charities. Called the Eating Disorders Association, we have grown and developed over time to become Beat.

We exist to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders. We are a champion, guide and friend to anyone affected, giving individuals experiencing an eating disorder and their loved ones a place where they feel listened to, supported and empowered.

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