Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

Family-Based Treatment (FBT)


The Family-Based Treatment SIG is an interdisciplinary group of academic and health care professionals who are committed to empowering caregivers and family members to help loved ones fully recover from eating disorders. We are invested in delivering family-based treatments guided by the most updated scientific evidence.


  • Kristen Anderson
  • Jessica  Van Huysse

Our Goals

  • To examine how FBT is utilized in the community and close the gap between research and practice
  • To explore broader application of the basic underlying principles of FBT in the treatment of eating disorders
  • To share resources and current developments in the field and facilitate communication between researchers and clinicians
  • To educate and provide support to the public and other clinicians about FBT
  • To promote the inclusion of families in the treatment of EDs
  • To enhance the implementation of FBT internationally and enhance connection to resources

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