Special Interest Groups (SIGS)



The Neuropsychology SIG is a multidisciplinary network of academic and health care professionals with interest and expertise in the role of neuropsychology in understanding the mechanism of eating disorders.


  • Brianne Richson
  • Sophie Abber

Our Goals

  • Educate the broader AED community about how experimental work can provide clarity in prognoses and maintaining factors of eating disorders.
  • Educate clinicians and researchers about the role of neuropsychology in developing or planning intervention strategies.
  • Educate clinicians, researchers, & the public about current findings connecting brain-behavior-illness in EDs
  • Develop greater unity among researchers and clinicians interested in the neuropsychology of eating disorders
  • Provide a comprehensive resources for researchers interested in implementing tasks or assessing relevant constructs.
  • Increase neuropsychology content at the ICED conference.

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